Sonus SBC 2000 not matching AD Query

I have recently been deploying a SBC where we wanted to manipulate certain headers based on AD lookup. Problem was the AD lookup on the =sAMAccountName= was case sensitive, and the AD have a mix of upper and lower case (call always arrived with lower case values). This resulted in a call failure:

Line 23126: [2014-05-20 20:54:29,024] 5280 0007 com.sonus.sbc.route DEBUG (translation.cpp:649) - Failed regex match of "tfCallingNumber" field for "=sAMAccountName=" (updated "TOST") with input of "tost"

As you can see, the lookup was performed, but the regex failed. After a couple of rounds with Sonus support, they suggested to use (?i)=sAMAccountName= in the lookup instead of =sAMAccountName=. (?i) is a switch for "ignore case".

Once this was done, the call went through:

Line 36406: [2014-05-21 18:26:30,428] 1993 0001 com.sonus.sbc.route DEBUG (translation.cpp:653) - Successful regex match of "tfCallingNumber" field for "(?i)=sAMAccountName=" (updated "(?i)TOST") with input of "tost"

Support assured me they will update the setup guides with this information.