A couple of favorite news about the world of Teams - Week 18

Last week was also pretty quiet when it comes to features released in teams, but that doesn't make it a quiet week.

The roadmap for getting Skype for Business features into Teams was officially updated. Microsoft has done a great job getting a lot of features out there, and we still have a lot of good features to come the next weeks and months. To get a look at where we are right now: Roadmap - Download

If you are a user of Teams, there might be things you think do not work right. Take a look at the known issues list provided by Microsoft to see if it has already been reported: Known issues If not, you might want to submit feedback through the uservoice feature in the client (Hint: the feedback light bulb can be found at the bottom left in the Teams client windows.

And last, but not least, Microsoft but together a comprehensive walk-through of all the recent features released in teams over at the Techcommunity