A few thoughts on securing cloud productivity..

I was scheduled to deliver sessions at three Microsoft Ignite The Tour events this spring. All of them have of course been cancelled, but one of the theater sessions I was supposed to deliver was called: "Top 10 need to know: Secure your Teamwork and Productivity tools". I believe the topic is even more relevant now, after a rush to establish the cloud as an alternative to working with on-premise tools in the classic office. And would like to share my top tips on simple steps to make the productivity space a little more secure for the users and the organization.
It's probably obvious that I can't cover all your needs, or dive into features in detail in just one blog post. Nor am I going through all 10 items I had prepared for the sessions. But hopefully I can give some pointer on what you can look into, or possibly ask your partner for help if needed.
1. Multi factor authentication The one, most important improvement every organization should implement as soon as pos…

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