Monday, May 21, 2018

A couple of favorite news about the world of Teams - Week 20

Unless you disconnected yourself from the Internet last week, you probably already heard my first item this week. A much awaited "Direct Routing for Teams" has now been released for public preview. So if you have a certified SBC, a O365 tenant and PSTN infrastructure in your environment, it's time to sign up to if you want to test PSTN in Teams and can't make use of Microsoft's own offerings. Guides available from Audicodes and Ribbon

Also rolling out as of last week, are a set of new meeting policies for a more granular control. here are some of the new policies available:

  1.  Allow Channel Meeting Scheduling (MeetingPolicy)
  2.  Allow Private Meeting Scheduling (MeetingPolicy)
  3.  Allow channel ad-hoc meet ups (MeetingPolicy)
  4.  Enable Screen Sharing (MeetingPolicy)
  5.  Allow IP Video (MeetingPolicy)
  6.  Allow Anonymous Users to Dial Out (MeetingPolicy)
  7.  Recording Policy implementation
There is an update to retention polices, ensuring that new code is rolled out to clients that will prune data older than 30 days. Then the min value for retention is also 30 days.

The list of great keyboard shortcuts keep getting longer and better. For a comprehensive look, check out the official documentation for both PC and Mac

This is a big one, I personally am really looking forward to see it in real action. Say hello to the Surface Hub 2

Monday, May 14, 2018

A couple of favorite news about the world of Teams - Week 19

Another week, and thus another short summary of things happening in the world of Teams last week.

First of all, to all my Canadian friends and followers: Calling plans went GA on may the 1st Calling Plan GA Check out the following spreadsheet showing available calling plans.

The Teams app from the Windows 10 store has bee released for general preview, and can be found right here. A word of caution, I have been testing for a couple of weeks in a closed beta, and can recommend you only run one type of client on your desktop. Either the desktop version or the store version. Do a proper logout and uninstall of the client you do not want to use.

Not directly linked to Teams (yet), but as SRS support is coming to Teams soon I thought it would be nice to know Microsoft has refreshed the documentation set for SRS and posted it at

Finally this week, a reminder to tune into Teams on Air for bi-weekly updates. This latest episode was on managing users and policies.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A couple of favorite news about the world of Teams - Week 18

Last week was also pretty quiet when it comes to features released in teams, but that doesn't make it a quiet week.

The roadmap for getting Skype for Business features into Teams was officially updated. Microsoft has done a great job getting a lot of features out there, and we still have a lot of good features to come the next weeks and months. To get a look at where we are right now: Roadmap - Download 

If you are a user of Teams, there might be things you think do not work right. Take a look at the known issues list provided by Microsoft to see if it has already been reported: Known issues If not, you might want to submit feedback through the uservoice feature in the client (Hint: the feedback light bulb can be found at the bottom left in the Teams client windows.

And last, but not least, Microsoft but together a comprehensive walk-through of all the recent features released in teams over at the Techcommunity