Google Chrome; Is it any good

I’ve been trying out Google Chrome for a few days, and here are my thoughts about it.
It is light, It is fast and it really works well. So why did I go back to IE and Opera? To tell you the truth? GC is to “light”. Here is a list of “complaints”, and possible areas of improvement:

- I couldn’t find anywhere to control plugin modules, or where/how to granulate cookie control. I am not saying CG is bad, but I like the illusion of control. And CG doesn’t give me that illusion.
- I miss an easy way to enable/disable features on the fly (like I do in my Opera)
- I miss how IE uses Zones for enabling features in “secure” zones, and disable them when surfing other Internet sites.
- The “intelligent” autofill for domain names is clearly programmed for .com .org
- And then there are the little small things I have gotten used to, like how the favorite folder in IE is always available, and returns to the same subfolder when you want to access a new favorite. The “home” button (without having to create it as an bookmark first).
- Finally, there are several sites not working (or behaving badly) in the Beta browser, like facebook live and other java enabled sites

I will however, not give up on CG. I’ll just wait and see if some of the features I use a lot will be available in a future release. And as I said, It is really fast and good. I liked the look, and layout. And the fact that it is not MS :)