First Blogger post with Live writer

I’m not new to live writer, I’ve used it in the past, to create posts on my “spaces” page. For those of you who have followed me for a while, will know that I left MSN space in favor of blogger some time ago. I still haven’t changed my mind about why blogger is better than spaces, but I really like the writer client. It is really intuitive, and have a lot of nice features available. One of my favorites is the integration to my computers spellchecker (provided through MS-office). I’ll play around with it for a while, and see if it really is compatible with the rest of the blogger features.
I might have found a tiny bug already. It seems the “theme” download doesn’t download the correct settings, and the blog turns out strange. If the blog seems fine to you, let me know. It might just be a bug in the new IE-beta I’m running. I’ll let you know.