Bing Enterprise Chat enabled by default for all

There are a lot of great things happening in the generative AI space these days. Microsoft is determined to be a part of this revolution, and they have announced a lot of coming services. One of the new features that was released a few weeks ago was the Bing Chat Enterprise (BCE) which is a new feature that enables your organization to use AI-powered chat for work while keeping your user and business data protected.  BCE is available in preview to Microsoft 365 customers with E3, E5, A3, A5 (faculty only), Business Standard and Business Premium licenses, but not to customers in government clouds.  At first BCE was an opt-in feature, but it is now turned on by default for eligible customers who have not previously opted out of it. Should your organization want to opt-out of BCE, it is possible to do so through the BCEAdmin panel   BCE and Bing Chat might seem similar, but Bing Chat does not offer commercial data protection and should only be used for personal use. BCE will now be availa

Learning OCS: Part 1

I've been shipped off to a course in OCS2007. And it seems fun. First of all, a course like this is a nice break from the regular work schedule. Second, it is always nice to attend a course in something you're already somewhat familiar with. I have installed a few OCS's already, and know the basics. But at this course, you get to get under the hood. And get a finer understanding of the potential of this server product. Day 1 and day two are really basic. Setup, install and configure for simple use. But I am really looking forward to the next part: Conferencing with audio and video.