New Live package

I've been using the new Messenger Beta for a while, and have not been very impressed by it yet. It wasn’t bad, but there really wasn’t anything new. The layout was a bit different, and there were a few more features for you to play around with. But as the Beta has become release, they’ve cleaned up a bit. And the final release seems ok.
One of the new things I really like is the ability to lo into more than one terminal, and then remotely log you of the terminal to which you do not wish to be connected. I find this handy, as I often walk from one computer to another (in the house). And seldom remember log of (or want to).
Along with messenger, the other live products have also been updated. And the whole package has the look and feel of the new Live services online. It looks like the developers have been collaborating on this one. Way to go :)
Would you like to try it your self, go to