Batteling the Mediation server (or; maybe it was microsoft after all) Part two

Thank you, whoever you are. We had the same problem. The OCS Mediaton server does not handle two interfaces on the same interface. I just hope it can handle separate interfaces when the OCS and CUCM reside on different subnets :)

With this error out of the way, I received another error when calling: Error 404. reading the logs of the client, helped me on the way to solve this final obstacle. This error was related to the configuration of the Mediation server. I had configured the "next hop" with a FQDN. When I changed this to the IP-address of the CUCM, everything worked like a charm :)

I now have a fully operational MOCS installation, integrated with CUCM. You can call from MOCS to CUCM or to the PSTN. You can also call the other way around. We have call control enabled through a Presence server, and are only awaiting cross platform status messages in the clients (We can't federate as these servers are installed in the same domain).