My first thoughts on Windows 7 (x64 RC)

My first tryouts with Windows 7 was the public beta (x86) earlier this year. With the release of the RC, I decided to "upgrade" my laptop to use the 64bit version. I have been holding on to 32bit versions of desktop OS's due to the lack of good 64bit drivers and the small amount of actual 64bit software. But alas; 32bit is soon history, the drivers are getting better, and I did not see any reasons why I should hang on to the past any more.

I must say, I do not recognize any change performance when moving from 32bit to 64bit. But I still have quite a few programs running in 32bit mode. But I don't think I will install anything else but 64bit when the RTM is released.

So; Here I am, with a new OS on my laptop. Any thoughts on what i think? No? Why is that? Well, my first impression is simply: This is how Windows Vista should have been. (And it feels like a Vista SP3 :). I know this isn't true, and there are many, many improvements to the new OS over Vista.

But, I like what I see. I have been using Vista for a few years (since the first beta was released), and might be one of the few who actually liked Vista (after tweaking certain services and features ;). Therefor the interface seems very familiar to me, except for the new taskbar.

I have not gone through all the fancy new stuff you can do with Aero (and probably won't), and I will not have a drill down (at least in this post) of other features ether. you can catch up on all the fancy stuff on various blogs elsewhere.

But here is my conclusion after a few weeks of Windows 7:
- Installation was fast and easy (but I could not upgrade form Vista Enterprise to Win7 Ultimate :( )
- Interface is good (even better than Vista), and the new functions in Aero is worth taking a deeper look into.
- Speed is better than Vista, and I have not yet felt the need of tweaking).
- Most Vista compatible software I use regularly, run flawless on Win7 (I have not had the need for the so called XP-virtual engine).

Basically I am rather happy with Windows 7. My only regret is: Why didn't they wait for Win 7. It is really what Vista shoud have been.....