RDP 6.1 in WinXP VS Win2008

Why oh why do they do it this way....?

I am not always impressed by the implementations from Redmond. But this one actually gave me something to think about, and stole a few hours of work....

First of all, Included in WinXP SP3 is the RDP 6.1, but the file version states 6.0? What is that about. The version number was the first thing I checked when the RDP client told me NLA was not supported.

I found quite a few posts where people asks about the same thing, but no answers.

but ok, I have the right version of RDP, which is supposed to support NLA. Why doesn't it work. Well apparently MS decided to include the 6.1 in SP3, but not to turn the feature on by default.
What you need to do to RDP into a NLA enabled Win2008 servier, is to do some regediting.

Here is the article I used to solve my issue: