Office 2010, Going from Tech-Preview to Beta


I had a few obstacles when I tried to remove the 2010 tech preview I want to share with you.

But first, let me explain to you what scenario I had. I chose to upgrade my 2007 to 2010, and I had to use the 2007 Groove client, as the 2010 groove did not seem to work. After installing the 2010, I had also added the MOC 2007R2 + Live meeting add inns.

First I tried to uninstall the the 2010 tech preview. So far so good. no problems or errors reported. But when I tried to install the 2010 beta, I was prompted with an error message, saying I could not install until all 2010 components were removed.....?

Here is a list of what I had to do make it work:
1: I repaired the 2007 installation -> no go
2: I ran Outlook, and repaired the inbox to a 2007 state -> no go
3: I removed MOC -> no go (By the way, after removing tech preview, the MOC's integration to Outlook stopped working)
4: I removed the Live meeting component -> no go
5: I removed the conference add in for outlook -> Success

The lesson in this? It's not always enough to remove the software in question, but make sure you remove or fix some or all of the plugins/software which are integrated with the product.

I am now running Office 2010 beta, and have successfully reinstalled all the components I had to remove. And BTW: The new Sharepoint client (replacing Groove) is a nice improvement!)