Join Teams work meetings from Microsoft Teams (free) and vice versa

Microsoft Teams (Free) users can currently join Teams for work (or school) meetings only as guests, which requires them to use a browser and results in a sub-optimal experience. The new feature rolling out will allow these users to join Teams for work (or school) meetings in one click, without being redirected to the browser or asked to fill in their name/surname. They will also be able to continue collaborating with the meeting organizer and other participants via meeting chat after the meeting.  The feature will work in the opposite way as well, so Teams for work (or school) will just as easily be able to join meetings hosted by a Teams Free user with one click. This is associated with Roadmap ID: 167326

Office 2010, Going from Tech-Preview to Beta


I had a few obstacles when I tried to remove the 2010 tech preview I want to share with you.

But first, let me explain to you what scenario I had. I chose to upgrade my 2007 to 2010, and I had to use the 2007 Groove client, as the 2010 groove did not seem to work. After installing the 2010, I had also added the MOC 2007R2 + Live meeting add inns.

First I tried to uninstall the the 2010 tech preview. So far so good. no problems or errors reported. But when I tried to install the 2010 beta, I was prompted with an error message, saying I could not install until all 2010 components were removed.....?

Here is a list of what I had to do make it work:
1: I repaired the 2007 installation -> no go
2: I ran Outlook, and repaired the inbox to a 2007 state -> no go
3: I removed MOC -> no go (By the way, after removing tech preview, the MOC's integration to Outlook stopped working)
4: I removed the Live meeting component -> no go
5: I removed the conference add in for outlook -> Success

The lesson in this? It's not always enough to remove the software in question, but make sure you remove or fix some or all of the plugins/software which are integrated with the product.

I am now running Office 2010 beta, and have successfully reinstalled all the components I had to remove. And BTW: The new Sharepoint client (replacing Groove) is a nice improvement!)