Microsoft Copilot is all around...

  As the debut of Microsoft 365 Copilot approaches, there are a lot of Copilot features set to be introduced across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Here are a few noteworthy additions: Microsoft has unveiled a series of innovative features in the upcoming releases of Windows 11, some of them are already released, and some are currently available in preview builds. The Windows 11 Copilot, conveniently located in the taskbar, eliminates the need to open your Edge browser. It is seamlessly integrated with Bing Enterprise Chat (BEC) and ChatGPT, making it really easy to get started on your creative journey. Included in Windows 11 is the new co-creator feature in Paint. This feature, also in preview, is integrated with DALL-E and provides a swift and straightforward method for creating illustrations and images. If you possess a knack for crafting descriptions, you can generate quite impressive imagery. Another AI-powered feature is image creation directly from BEC. This feature, also integrate

A few words on the 074-924 (UC Voice Specialization) Exam


As a voice technician, I've been working with both Cisco and Microsoft voice products. But as my company now wants to achieve the Voice Spec. partnership with MS, I had to put my Cisco CCIE books on the shelves for a few days.

Only a few days to study for the 74-924, is that all it takes?. No way! The Exam is one of the hardest exams I've taken so far (and I've taken a few). I feel this test really measured my knowledge and understanding of the OCS platform.

The reason why I passed with only a few days of studying is because I've been working with all of the products involved for several years, and have a thorough understanding of how Exchange, AD, PKI, NTP, DNS and Voice in general works.

I did not attend the Ignite course as recommended, but I really recommend attending the Ignite course if you do not feel you're to comfortable with all of the components I mentioned above. The Ignite course will take you through the basics (but not everything) you need to understand. In the end though, the only thing that will save your day is experience and in-depth knowledge.

This is a OCS 2007 exam, not a 2007 R2 exam. So know the difference (I know I missed a few because I've been studying R2). There will be a R2 UC Exam in April: 074-404


Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you about the difficulty of this exam !
But do you know if this exam has been updated to OCS R2 or is it still on OCS & Exchange 2007 SP1 ?


It didn't feel like an R2 exam. And browsing through the /learning site at MS, you'll find there is an R2 ignite exam scheduled for April...