Picking up the pieces

I must admit; I felt pretty bad after totally failing my second attempt at the CCIE LAB. But, I am not the first, and not the last to "hit the wall" in the LAB. That's why a CCIE is still one of the most renown certifications.

After a long debate between Me, Myself and I, I decided it would be a shame to give it up already. Luckily she agreed, after I had promised her to take a real break this summer. Well, the summer is over, and it is time to start thinking about the lab again....

I do not know how well I'll document it, but I will give it a try. I hope to write down some of my pain-points, and some of my gotchas.

To day I just wanted you to know I'm getting back on that horse, and I'm resetting my brain for another run for the LAB.

Day one is just easing it in. Logging on to INE, checking my account, reading some of the forum-posts and installing some equipment in my house. Yes, that's right. My employer has been kind enough to lend me a UC520 and a few phones for the next few months. So this time, I'll be more up to speed on the IOS tasks (CME/CUE).

That's all for today, I might be back another day to tell you about my progress (or lack of progress). Wish me the best :)

PS: I really love my wife for being so supportive and understanding. I really couldn't have done this without her ;)