What is a Charter certificate

I have been a mcp since 1998, and never been aware of the charter "program". So I was a bit surprised when I discovered the line on the two newly downloaded certificates.

According to Microsoft's learning site, a "Charter members" are: "..Charter Members are the pioneering group of individuals who achieve a certification within six months following the retail release date of the certification. Charter Members are recognized by receiving the Charter version of the certificate acknowledging their early adoption of the certification.

In all my years as a mcp, mcse ++, I've always been told they're worth "nothing" and that anyone can just braindump themselves to a title. Well, hat off to Microsoft for recognizing those who certify early. Now I can say I have proof that I did not braindump my way to the Lync. There is no way the braindumpers get around to create good dumps within the timelimit given.

These to certifications now really mean something for me and my employer. And now that I am aware of the program, I'll strive to take the next certification as a charter member as well.

The quotation above is taken from the Q&A section at this page