Microsoft Copilot is all around...

  As the debut of Microsoft 365 Copilot approaches, there are a lot of Copilot features set to be introduced across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Here are a few noteworthy additions: Microsoft has unveiled a series of innovative features in the upcoming releases of Windows 11, some of them are already released, and some are currently available in preview builds. The Windows 11 Copilot, conveniently located in the taskbar, eliminates the need to open your Edge browser. It is seamlessly integrated with Bing Enterprise Chat (BEC) and ChatGPT, making it really easy to get started on your creative journey. Included in Windows 11 is the new co-creator feature in Paint. This feature, also in preview, is integrated with DALL-E and provides a swift and straightforward method for creating illustrations and images. If you possess a knack for crafting descriptions, you can generate quite impressive imagery. Another AI-powered feature is image creation directly from BEC. This feature, also integrate

74-322 passed

Back in April, I wrote a post on why I thought taking the Beta 74-322 was a mistake on my part, and how certain I was I had failed.

Well, I obviously know more than I give myself credit for. Yesterday I received a mail telling me I had passed.

Since it's been a while since the actual test I no longer remember all the details, but it is obviously an exam I passed based on experience, and not studying.

If  you are preparing for this exam, you should familiarize yourself with large deployments, voice traffic and true UC. An experienced technician should probably know all of this by heart, but if you are unsure of your own skills. Don't just take this exam. Try reading some of the TechNet library docs on the subject, and go through some of the nexthop posts on the subjects.