The Norwegian User Group for Unified Communications just held their second meeting on September 17th 2013.
I was asked to hold a session on Logging in Lync 2013, and made a presentation on my experiences on CsClsLogging.

Topics covered in the session:

  • The problem
  • The Lync 2010 «solution»
  • The Lync 2013 solution
  • Start-CsClsLogging
  • Update-CsClsLogging
  • Stop-CsClsLogging
  • Sync-CsClsLogging
  • Search-CsClsLogging
  • Common errors
  • Snooper tool
  • Resources
This is the PowerPoint presentation, shared on slide share:

And a recording of the session (in Norvegian) can be found here on Vimeo:

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