Lync 2013 Documentation script

I have been looking for a good way to document my Lync environment in a way others can understand what has been done to the system. I have not been able to find a solution to suit my needs, and decided to create a new script for my self.

I have stumbled upon these great tools from "Empty Message" at his site:, but it didn't quite get all the settings and polices I wanted to incorporate.

My new script is configures to run almost all of the different get-commands I thought useful. some might find it over the top, but I find it very useful when I need to troubleshoot something later. And if I find polices or settings have been changed, it is easy to compare the now and then, and correct erroneous configurations.

I am not going to bore you with the details of how the script is built. And I'll just go over the obvious:

The script creates a folder at c:\LyncDoc\ and will use this as a base for all the out put.
The complete file set should look something like this:

8 HTML files (I have tried to make logical files for separate sections)
7 XML files containing actual configuration backup
1 bak fil for the LIS set
1 zipfile as a result of export-csconfiguration
1 zipfile with all the other files inside

- The Script must be run on a computer with Lync PS module available, and it must be able to reach the backend databases.
- The script has only been tested in a single site, single pool topology.
- Script has been signed for the ease of use.
- As before, run this only in your labs at you own risk and caution.

And finally, The script can be found at the Technet Gallery: