Lync owas windows 8_1 bug

** UPDATE **
The bug has been fixed in the following update:
You might have to break the farm, and recreate it after the update.

There is a known bug affecting windows 8.1 users when they try to present a PowerPoint presentation in any meeting. If you have installed any version of Windows 8.1 and tried it, you might have seen the all too familiar screen:

If you have tried to debug the error, you might be as frustrated as me, because there is (at least I was not able to find any) no visible error on any server or client component. Even a Fiddler trace revealed nothing but 200 OK messages.

This bug is not present in Lync Online, and I hope we'll see a bugfix for the onprem installations as well soon.

In the meantime, do as I did to correct the error. Join your meeting through the web browser, appending ?sl=2 to your meet url. At least I was able to run the presentation through my webapp.

Hope this helps, and that we see a bugfix soon :)


  1. Hello,

    I tried to reproduce the problem, and if you find the solution if I saw that the problem is shown as an error on the client certificates. Although it really should not, as you mention BUG has a lot of reality.

    Error del cliente Lync 2013 compartiendo una presentación de PowerPoint en Windows 8.1

    A greeting

  2. A SIP Stack trace revealed

    "ErrorType="fatal";ServerVersion="15.0.4481.1005";ErrorMessage="Sorry, we ran into a problem displaying the presentation. Please try again."

    My LYNC Client simply displayed the presentation as loading... then eventually failed

    After hours of trying to debug my server I found your post which fixed my issue, thanks

  3. Hi, same problem here. Any news?

  4. Hi, There's a fix out now:

  5. Case solved now

  6. Esto se ha resuelto con la última actualización de las Office Web Apps:
    Actualización Office Web Apps Server 2013 2837634


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