Lync Backup Script 2013 v 3_2

I have just uploaded a new version of the Lync 2013 Backup script. And I have called it V3.2

It contains a few bugfixes, and what I would like to call enhancements.

Bugfix: Script now delete the temporary file share I create for enterprise backup

-KeepABS: A new parameter if you would like to also backup your ABFiles directory from the file-share. I have excluded this folder in the default backup, as I would much more like to recreate the fresh files with "update-csaddressbook" instead.

-backupto: Another new parameter to let you decide where you want the backup to be stored.
Very handy if you run this as a scheduled task, and don't want your c drive to fill up (Default is c:\Lync Backup)

Once again, thank you for your encouragements and support. I would have been able to fix/catch all of this if I didn't get feedback from all of you.

The place to look for the file? At the Technet Gallery: