Get-assignedlineuri v 3 has been released

Just a quick post to let you know the get-assignedlineuri.ps1 has been updated and uploaded to the Technet Gallery.

The script has gone through some major changes, and I will go through a couple of them in an upcoming post. But here are the highlights of v3:

  • CHANGE: Create HTML is now an option, not default.
  • NEW FEATURE: Summary in Shell has been added as a switch, Output path can be changed. .
  • NEW FEATURE: Gridview is also added as a feature. This is a very powerfull way of finding exactly what you are looking for.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Save to XML and load XML to Gridview as switches.
  • NEW FEATURE: Go online to the and find posts regarding this script (beta)
A keen eye will also see a reference to lyncnumbers(dot)net ;) Stay tuned for more on this site later.