Lync 2013 Backup v 3_3 released

It's a new year, and time for a new version of my back-up script. It has been updated at the Technet Gallery: Download Page

New in this release:
- Is an option to keep the "deviceupdatestore" folder in the IIS back-up portion. And the folder has been removed from the default backup. Thank you to "Korbyn" for requesting this feature. I haven't run this script on any systems using a lot of devices, nor updates, and was not fully aware of the magnitude of space this folder can consume.
I think it would be smarter to restore your system, and then just re-import/publish the newest updates if needed, than to waste the space.

- I introduced an error in the previous version, where you could not use a space in the "backupto" path. The xcopy syntax did not like it at all. But using the %temp% variable for the exclude files seemed to do the trick. Please observe and report back to me.
- I've done some clean-up in the amount of information being shown in the running windows. There is still some left, as I use "Verbose" on a lot of commands to capture it in the transcript. let me know if the transcript is of use for you, or if you want me to remove it (majority vote).
- I've added some "write-host" sections, to indicate the progress.
- After running the script in a window, it used to return to c:\. I have now changed this to return to the start-path of the shell.

I hope this is of use for you guys. And please, if you have comments or suggestions, let me know. I will always look into it and see if it is something worth implementing in my script. I will keep a list of feature requests or known bugs on the Technet Gallery page.