Lync 2013 Backup v 3_4 released

Today I have updated the Lync 2013 Backup script to v 3_4, and uploaded it to the Technet Gallery

New in this release:
- I have included a "if file exists" check in the Persistent Chat Backup. This will hopefully stop error messages when there is a SQL Mirror database in use (as I did for back-end database some time ago).

Changes in this release:
- I have removed the transcript log, as I only intended it for debugging.
- The compression job is now run as a .net function (see bugfix for why ;) )

Bugfixes in this release:
- Wait-job now correctly waits for the zip job to complete, due to the changes made in the routine. Thanks to the guys at the TechNet Forums for pointing me in the correct direction.
- IIS files were backed up to the wrong folder when run on an enterprise version of Lync. This bug was introduced in v 3_3, but now removed.

Cleanup in this release:
- I have removed some assembly-loads used for SQL backup in a Windows 2008 environment. This script is intended for Windows Server 2012 and Lync 2013. No need to do the extra work.
- The script is also removing certain temporary files, used for features.

Hope you like the updates, and keep those bug reports and feature requests coming. There will be more posts on the restoring with this backup soon. So stay tuned.