Search-lineURI.ps1 v3 released

Just a quick post to let you know the search-lineuri.ps1 has been updated and uploaded to the Technet Gallery.

The script has gone through some major changes, and I will go through a couple of them in an upcoming post. But here are the highlights of v3:

  • CHANGE: Moved search to a function, making it possible to add more flexibility with switches.
  • NEW FEATURES: -search, -ListAsGridView, -SavetoXMl and path switches for saving the output.
  • BUGFIX: Script is no longer showing a count of 0. Listing only positive matches.
  • NEW FEATURE: Made the parameter for digits "not mandatory", as it is not always called for any more. Also restricted this parameter to 2-20 digits.
  • HELP: Created a online switch to launch, where there will be updates about the script.