Get-userandpolicy V_1 released

I have been working on a deployment lately, where I was tasked with identifying policies and if any of these could be removed after a huge migration.

This could all be done through CSCP, but the task was slow and "painful". I decided to find a quicker way to complete the job. And sure enough. A couple of hours creating some code, made the task so much easier.

This was not the first deployment I had to do policy management and cleanup, and I do not think it's going to be the last. So I decided to make a script of the code and publish it. Get-userandpolicy is the end result of my work.

I have made it available on the Technet Gallery, so if you need a quick way to get an overview over your policies and users assigned to them you are welcome to download and try it: Get-userandpolicy

As always, feedback and suggestions appreciated ;)