A few examples from get-userandpolicy

A couple of days ago I released the get-userandpolicy script, and I thought I give a few examples of how it can be used.

It's not a very complicated script, but it gave me an output I could not get in a simple way from the Lync server CSCP.

Example 1)
Q - How many policies do I have of a certain type?
A - Get-Cs........Policy will give you an answer, or use my script with a named switch to identify the number. No need to remember all the different policies, just TAB (auto complete) your way through the valid options.

Example 2) 
Q - How many policies do I have, and how many users are assigned to each policy
A - Not so easily identified through CSCP, possible with filters in powershell, or use the script in the following way.

Example 3)
Q - Now that I know how many policies I have, and what they are called, how do know which users have been assigned to these policies?
A - Simple, memorize the different powershell commands, or run the script with the -listuser switch. Then use the powerful filters of gridview to identify whatever user/policy combination you seek.