get-userandpolicy V1.1 released

I just updated my get-userandpolicy script at the Technet Gallery (here)

This version of the script can edit the assigned policy of multiple users with a few simple clicks.

Here is an example of how I edited my own voice policy in our demo system:

First I run the .\get-userandpolicy.ps1 -changepolicy -voice policy:

Next, i am presented with a gridview of all my voice enabled users, and I selected two of them:

After selecting my users, I press ok. Next I am presented with a new gridview. This time with all my policies:

I selected the policy I wanted to switch to, and pressed ok. Then, watch the verbose output:

In the end, I ran the script again, but with the -listuser switch, to verify the change was executed:

Hope you find my script ant tool useful. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions on improvements.