The Backup Skype for Business script is now live

As promised in today's session, here is the announcement of the general availability of the backup script for Skype for Business on premise.

It is continuation of the backup-lync2013 script, with a few minor tweaks to make it work with SfB.
But as I was going through the script to make it compatible, I also added a couple of other tweaks.

Here are the highlight of this version (called v 4.00)

  • Change: Script renamed to Backup-SfB.ps1
  • Change: Script edited to work with Skype For Bisiness server deployment (TAP Bits)
  • Change: Shortened filepath by using hostnames, not fqdn for naming
  • Change: New destination = c:\ucbackup
  • New feature: Added a switch to set a password for certificate $CertPass
  • New feature: Certificate export will now add "usages" for the exported certificates
  • New feature: A warning is displayed if a cert is not exportable
  • FEATURE REQUEST: Send an email notification on completion
  • Bugfix: If the same certificate is used for multiple usages, the next export (with an existing thumbprint) is skipped, only the first usage is displayed

I hope you find this useful, and I do appreciate feedback so I can make it even better in an upcoming event.

The script can be downloaded from the Technet Gallery