Copilot for PowerBI

Copilot for PowerBI is now coming out in preview, and the feature will be enabled for all tenants. The feature can enhance data interaction and report creation using generative AI. If the organization is not ready for this roll-out, there are ways to restrict this feature based on security groups. There are controls to include or exclude groups.  One concern organizations have is the possibility of data being processed in a datacenter in a different region than their tenant. This can also be controlled by not allowing the usage of datacenters outside your region. Sign into the admin portal for PowerBI and check the settings associated with Copilot

Backup Skype for Business - backup-sfb has been updated

There hasn't been a need for many updates to this tool, as it seems to be working just fine on most installations. It was however time to release v4.01 with a few additions, and here are the highlights of this release:

New features:

  • SkipAllSQL -  A new switch, to skip all Database backups
  • KeepDaysLog - A new parameter to control the number of days to keep old backups. default is 5 days
  • StoreBackupto - A new parameter to control where you want to store the final zipfile.
Some SQL servers have disabled WMI access remotely for security reasons, and my method of connecting and discovering instances thus failed. I have tried to recreate the connection method, but have only verified this on named instances. If someone using the default instance could verify it still works, it would be greatly appreciated.

As always, the script can be found by following the link in my menu above, or simply by clicking here.
Back up Skype for Business, and sleep well :)