Skype for Business get-DNSandIP.ps1 updated

It's almost a year ago since I wrote and published the get-dnsandip.ps1 script. I always knew I would have to revisit it once I came across a fully deployed IPv6 deployment, and here it is.

The new version of the script now has a -addipv6 switch to add ipv6 addresses to the discovery process. And as I was on the task, I realized I should add a way to autodiscover the internal DNS servers as well.
Now the script can be run without any switches, or with the -addipv6 as the only switch to do the job.

If you prefer to control which DNS to use, the switches are still there. They are just not mandatory.

The script can be downloaded at the Technet Script Center, and as always, I appreciate your support and feedback.