Get-AssignedLineURI v4_0 available for download

Get-AssignedLineURI is still one of my more popular scripts, it has reached 5000 downloads by now.

This new release has a new switch which can be used to gather and compare information from AD, thanks to Hany Elkady for the request and examples. I find this handy when troubleshooting client integrations and certain errors regarding exchange integration or wrong lineURI compared to phone attribute.

I fixed a couple og bugs and added the flexibility of using monitordata and addata with the gridview functions. I also decided to change the color-scheme of the HTML output to a more modern look.

Other than that, the script seems to be working just fine, giving admins what they want/need, and no requests for enhancements has been made.

The script is available at the Technet Gallery.

As always, I appreciate your support and feedback :)