A couple of favorite news about the world of Teams - Week 34

Those of you who pay attention to and follow the twitter streams and newsfeeds regarding Microsoft Teams, might have noticed there hasn't been many posts regarding news on Teams for the past couple of weeks. This is of course partially because of summer vacations, but I am also guessing Microsoft is saving some of their news and releases for the upcoming Ignite. Pure speculation of course, but it would not surprise me.

But, it is not all silent, so here are some of the news related to Microsoft Teams from the past weeks.

First of all, here is a list of all the client features released in August:

Some of my favorite highlights:
o Adobe XD and Teams
o Get ready for back to school!
o Legion of zoom
o Windows 10 Quiet hours support is here

Microsoft launched Teams Data Residency in Canada, and announced upcoming residency in Japan and Australia as well.

Today Microsoft announced the completion of their roadmap of bringing Teams and Skype for Business together. Making way for brand new inventions in the future:

Also, there is a new localization competition open. Are you up for the challenge?