Microsoft Copilot is all around...

  As the debut of Microsoft 365 Copilot approaches, there are a lot of Copilot features set to be introduced across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Here are a few noteworthy additions: Microsoft has unveiled a series of innovative features in the upcoming releases of Windows 11, some of them are already released, and some are currently available in preview builds. The Windows 11 Copilot, conveniently located in the taskbar, eliminates the need to open your Edge browser. It is seamlessly integrated with Bing Enterprise Chat (BEC) and ChatGPT, making it really easy to get started on your creative journey. Included in Windows 11 is the new co-creator feature in Paint. This feature, also in preview, is integrated with DALL-E and provides a swift and straightforward method for creating illustrations and images. If you possess a knack for crafting descriptions, you can generate quite impressive imagery. Another AI-powered feature is image creation directly from BEC. This feature, also integrate

New releases, and more from the world of Teams - November

It's time to try to gather some of the highlights from the world of teams this month. The Teams team have been very busy, and they keep coming with updates and new features. Here are some of the highlights I think worth mentioning.

First off a reminder of the deprecation of weaker TLS. Here is an updated article on the topic TLS deprecation support article

If you want the official walk-though of all the new features in Teams, I encourage you to take a look at the tech community blog post earlier this month: What’s new in Microsoft Teams – November round up

As mentioned at Ignite, Microsoft has now officially announced Oracle as a new certified partner for Direct Routing.In addition to Audiocodes and Ribbon, there are now three solid vendors to choose from. I had the pleasure of talking to the Oracle team at Ignite, and they seemed eager and committed.

I was trying to collect a lot of blogposts and articles on user adoption of Teams, but it seems Microsoft beat me to it, and I would just have you read this post NEW! Teams Adoption Hub - Enhanced guidance for user adoptionprojects and then head over to

November also brought us some technical releases of interest.

Also worth mentioning is the release of the new AAD Connect tool, with some new features: Version

And finally, last night, Microsoft announced a new evolving icon set for Office 365: