The new Office 365 Mobile app is out

Microsoft released a public preview of their new Office 365 app last week, and I have been taking a closer look at it. The idea is to have one applications for multiple tasks, and letting the user accomplish more with out switching between apps on their device. It has become the "one-stop-app" where it is easy to continue your work, or start new documents tailored to your need.

"separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> The homepage is a good landing page with recommended documents and a list of your recent documents. You also have the option to pin the documents you want to keep at the top. The "+" button will bring up three possible actions:

  • Take Notes
  • Launch Lens (Also known as Office Lens)
  • Documents
The Documents section will allow you not only to start new documents, but to scan paper documents and convert them into digital office documents.  I was particularly impressed with the "scan table" feature, which converts a table to a spreadsheet in excel.

I know I will already be deleting my old Office apps for my mobile devices, and start using this new app.

Go grab your copy here:
Download for Android phones through the Google Play Store
Download for iOS through the App Store