Tags (or Targeted communications) is coming to Microsoft Teams

Early next year, there will be a new way to organize and target specific people for @mentioning them within Teams. The new tagging feature will allow you to group people by roles, function or whatever you need, and tag them within Teams.

The targeted communication, as road-map 57651 calls it, is managed through the Teams admin center, but can also be controlled on the Teams level. The Teams admin can allow both Team owners and members to add Teams, as well as create a set of default Tags across the organization.

On the settings page of a Team, the Team owner can control who gets to add tags in that Team. Once again, I recommend some user training on the subject, and maybe a high level discussion on how your organization wants to use this feature.

Admins can also create new tags and add members to the tag from the ""Manage Tags" on the drop down menu.