Teams Mobile Feature updates for iOS

There are two handy features for the mobile client coming out quite soon. The first one is a better integration on the file storage integration. File-picker will soon (if not already for you) enable you to select different locations to attach files from. On my personal device, I can now pick from OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. This feature should be rolling out to most tenants already The second feature coming out is the capability to hide (or show) Teams calls in the native iOS call log. I am looking forward to this as I have more than once accidentally called someone back with the wrong modality when I'm not in the office and not on Wi-Fi. Be aware that calls made prior to turning this feature off (removing calls from the call log). Already placed calls will remain in the list. The setting only applies to new calls. This last feature should be rolling out in September .

Include audio from the mobile device, Chat bubbles and Telemetry in Microsoft Teams (and more..)

A lot has happened, and more is coming to Microsoft Teams clients. Here are some of the new features for Microsoft Teams, already out in public preview (or coming soon).

Chat bubbles: Chat bubbles presents the ongoing chat on top of the video in an ongoing meeting. There is no longer need to keep the chat pane open in order to keep track of the ongoing dialogue. 
This feature can be controlled by the end-user bu selecting "Don't show chat bubbles" in the meeting menu. Make sure users know how to control this.

Include Audio when sharing from iOS and Android: Sharing audio when presenting from the desktop application has bee available for some time. Mobile devices will soon have the same capability. And this makes it even easier than before for mobile workers to participate and be active presenters from their devices.

Call health: With call health, users may immediately identify if their network or device is causing issues with the call in progress. The metrics will update every 15 seconds, and provide the user with information about roundtrip delay, packet loss and other important information.

Auto-recording of meetings: Another great feature coming to meetings, is the capability to auto-record. This is configured pr meeting and is controlled by the end user. The recording will start once the first user logs into the meeting. Make sure users are trained on this feature, and it can be a good idea to let the participants know the meeting is automatically recorded.

Large gallery pagination: The large gallery currently supports up to 49 simultaneous streams. This is being increased to 98 by enabling pagination. Users can swap between the two pages of video.