P for Global Preview, reply to chat and restart Live events!

Here are a couple of updates that have already been rolling out, or should be just around the corner in your tenant.

Microsoft has made it very obvious to the end-user if they are running public preview or not. If you are running in this mode, there will be a "P" showing next to your avatar in the top right corner of the Teams app. If you are interested in participating in the public preview, and have access to new features in the final testing and verification stage before public release? Here is how to enable the feature

Reply to specific chat feature has been released. This I know I've seen posted many places already, because this a feature we have been waiting for. Teams now allow a user to select a specific chat anywhere in a channel, and reply directly to that chat. The reply will embed the original post to show the context.

And finally, it will be possible to re-join/re-start a Live event that was prematurely shut down. I think this is one of the biggest issues I've had when running Live events in the past. But if someone now unexpectedly ends the stream, it should be possible to re-start and continue the event. At least after mid October when the feature should be finished rolling out.