Teams Viva connection and Viva learning news

Microsoft Viva is a set of tools coming to Microsoft 365, and focuses on real information sharing and collaboration. The first feature has now been released to public preview, and another one is just around the corner.

Microsoft Viva connection was released in public preview September. The Viva app in Teams is disabled by default, and an Admin will have to enable it for the organization. 

Viva connection ties Sharepoint sites, navigation and Teams in a productive way. Making it easier to share news and find the right content from a single source.

Have a look at how it works, and what to do in Microsoft Docs

Microsoft Viva Learning is also coming to public preview in October. So be on the lookout for this feature in the coming few weeks. 

Viva learning is a place for the employees to seek and share knowledge, and where organizations can provide training on different levels. Viva learning is not only providing learning from internal sources or sites, but will already in the preview support LinkedIn and Pluralsight integrations.

All you need to know can be found in Microsoft Docs