Copilot for PowerBI

Copilot for PowerBI is now coming out in preview, and the feature will be enabled for all tenants. The feature can enhance data interaction and report creation using generative AI. If the organization is not ready for this roll-out, there are ways to restrict this feature based on security groups. There are controls to include or exclude groups.  One concern organizations have is the possibility of data being processed in a datacenter in a different region than their tenant. This can also be controlled by not allowing the usage of datacenters outside your region. Sign into the admin portal for PowerBI and check the settings associated with Copilot

A better Together Mode with content view is rolling out

There is a new layout for Together mode and content share rolling out to tenants. With the new layout, Together mode will be displayed under the shared content, allowing users to see both the participants in Together mode and the shared content simultaneously. The new Together mode will support raised hands, reactions, and name labels.

The new layout is available for Mac and desktop users worldwide (standard multi-tenant), GCC, GCC High, and DoD cloud instances. 

This announcement is related to Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 181615. And according to the message center, it should be rolling out late January and early February.