What is Microsoft Teams Exploratory Experience and can you manage it?

Microsoft Teams Exploratory experience is a great feature for users without a Teams license to get to know Teams, and get involved with other organizations already migrated to Teams. The Microsoft Teams Exploratory Licence will replace the Commercial Cloud Trial license available today.
If a user has already been assigned a Teams license, the feature will not be available for that user (Also, the feature is not available for GCC, GCC High, DoD or EDU customers).

If, for some reason, you do not want your users to start playing with this experience (Let's say you are not ready to support the features, or you want an absolut controlled migration from SFBO to Teams, as many of my customers like), there are a couple of ways you can manage this.

The only way to turn this feature off completely, is to globally disable the use of trial apps and services. This can be done under the M365 admin center and "Services & add-ins", provided the organization is eligible in the first place.

If a user have already been playing around with the feature, the licence will have to be removed in M365 admin panel where all the user's licences are managed.

I highly recommend reading the documentation here if this is something you need to look into.