Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams

The Advanced Communications add-on was recently released for Microsoft Teams. This is a set of features you don't get with your regular E3 or E5 licenses. 

So what do you get for $12 per user (have in mind, only organizers of meeting need these licenses in order to use them).

Upon release:

  • Live events support for up to 20,000 participants, 50 concurrent events, event duration of 16 hours per broadcast.
  • Compliance recording integration (ISV)
  • Contact Center solution integration (ISV)

Coming later, but obviously in the works:

  • Interactive Teams meetings for up to 1,000 participants
  • Interactive Teams meetings for 1,000 participants with the capability to enable up to 20,000 in a view-only meeting experience
  • Custom branded meeting lobby
This last item, has also been announced in the Admin Center. The ability to add companywide, custom logos that will display in the pre-join screen and the lobby. Listed as Roadmap ID 67113

You can read more about the advanced licenses in the Teams documentation