Meeting policies in Teams have been updated in the Teams Admin Center

Microsoft released a lot of cool features last week, an I am sure I will comment them as the get closer to General Availability. But in this post, I will focus on some of the features that has surfaced GA just recently, and discuss if there are things the organization could or should look into.

Meeting Policy Settings
Already back in May, the option to create meetings where "only me" could bypass the lobby became available. But the organization wide setting is still set to "allow all to bypass". This is still true, but now there is a meeting policy which organizations can deploy to control this for all. 
To control this, look for the "Automatically admit people" in the teams admin portal. Select what best matches your security policy, but make sure to communicate this to the users as they probably are used to the allow all.
You can also control who gets to be a presenter through the same policy now. This is nice if you want to avoid guests to take control unless explicitly granted. My suggestion is to allow user override in most cases.